28th September – Night Game Photos

To all the players Thanks for a brilliant Night Game !!!
You made all the long hours of preparation, so worthwhile. I couldn’t believe it was 3am when we left the site.

Thanks to Ray, Nathan, Trevor, and Graham for a job well done marshaling. And to Alex, Merrik, Magic and John (sorry for the spelling guys xxxx) your shop was brilliant, so well set up
As always Dan, Superb food!! Sarah thanks so much for baking three cakes for the players, and his favorite WALNUT for Ray. Now what would do without Darren, who works hard keeping the players guns up and running, couldn’t do without you!!!

Ray Jnr will also post about the game play, and what he has got planed, for Halloween !!……

Forgot to mention, Airsoft Zone are giving 5% Discount to all Dragonslair UKARA members


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