22nd September 2013 – Game Photos & Night Game Information

So many new faces today, thanks for all your positive comments, we are pleased that you enjoyed your day with us.

Ray, Nathan, Jaime and Trevor, Thank You! There doesn’t seem enough of you for all the hard work done, giving our players, an exciting, and safe days play
To all our players, keep your game ideas coming we value your input. It makes our day, seeing you all enjoying yourselves.

Next Saturday, is our Night Game!!!! Sept 28th. First game will be at 6 o’clock, come as soon as you can.
Dan will have hot food ready for you, we will have Tea and Coffee on the go, all you need is to arrive, with plenty of Energy.
Finish time, is when you cant stay awake any longer. The site will have subdued lighting, so lots of shadow to hide in.
Entry fee for this game is £25 Walk on.

Last year was Great Fun!!!! Look forward to seeing you all next Saturday…

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