Site FPS limits :

All guns to be used on site, MUST be chrono’ed without fail.
We use our own magazines and BB’s to ensure heavier weight BB’s are not used to cheat the chrono’.
We have a large selection of magazines to hand but if you have a gun with unique or rare magazines, please bring an empty magazine to chrono which we will load with our BB’s.

AEG : 350fps using 0.2g bb
DMR : 450fps using 0.2g bb – ( locked to semi )*
Bolt Action: 500fps using 0.2g bb – ( Bolt action )*
* ( DMR & Snipers have a 25 metre engagement distance)

Game dates 2nd & 4th sundays off each month

Chronoing starts at 9:00
First game starts at 10:00

Under 18’s MUST without fail wear Full Face Protection. Shemages will not suffice, Mesh or Plastic is required.

At Dragon’s Lair our insurance allows players from 11 years old to play. However, we recommend that all “Young Gun” players are accompanied by a parent or responsible adult, who stays on site for the day. We have often found that fathers come along with their sons and end up playing too!
We do not charge for adults who accompany Young Guns (unless they play too) and they are welcome to free tea and coffee.